Icelandic singer Bjork has continued to open up about an unnamed Danish director's sexual misconduct. Inspired by the #MeToo awareness campaign that emerged on social media, the acclaimed performer published a Facebook post further elaborating on her allegations against the filmmaker made in a previous Facebook post published on Sunday.

While no one in either post is mentioned by name, the Danish description, magnified by Bjork's limited filmography, has led many to identify Lars Von Trier as the accused party. Bjork had worked with Von Trier on the 2000 film Dancer in the DarkThe director has since responded to the claims, denying that any violation took place between he and the singer.

In the note posted today, Bjork ventured to encourage more women to speak out about their history in suffering sexual abuse by herself offering a detailed account about her disturbing experience. In spirit of the viral awareness campaign, she wrote, "I fully sympathize with everyone who hesitates, even for years. But I feel it is the right time especially now when it could make a change."

The post then goes on to enumerate six specific allegations against the film director. In between takes, she wrote, he'd grope her for extended periods of time in front of the film crew. When Bjork eventually protested, the filmmaker abruptly canceled the shoot in a fit of outrage. Allegedly, the director at one point "threatened to climb from his room's balcony over to mine in the middle of the night with a clear sexual intention," prompting Bjork to escape to a friend's nearby room.

These allegations come on the heels of the mounting accusations of sexual abuse against disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, whose history of sexual assault has been described by many in the industry as a long-held "open secret." The controversy has provoked sharp debates about power in the entertainment industry abused for sexual ends.

Bjork's objection to these unwanted sexual advances, for example, she said, was punished in the form of unflattering lies about her work ethic made by her colleague to the press.

She concluded her post stating, "I didn't comply or agree on being sexually harassed. That was then portrayed as me being difficult. If being difficult is standing up to being treated like that, I´ll own it."

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