During this COVID-19 phased-in slow re-opening of Montana, it seems that even the birds are tiring of social distancing. Of course, for the youngest ones, like the little swimming common merganser ducks, Mom can speed up on the water and string 'em out (see photo below).

But the young Great Horned Owls have noticed the summer-like temperatures and are sure that they are more than ready to get out of the nest and explore. But, wait a minute. The feathers needed for successful flight are not quite developed. This escape might be a bit hasty. Let's see. It's not much of jump back ... (photos below)

And then there are those birds that just enjoy a little solitude at times. Most of these photos were taken at that Bitterroot birdwatching treasure, the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge, northeast of Stevensville. (photos below)

Mergansers in a line. (Mike Daniels Photo)
OK, I'm out here. Now what? That's a long way down... (Mike Daniels Photo)
Perhaps I can just jump back...and yes, he made it. (Mike Daniels photo)
A lone killdeer. (Mike Daniels photo)
A Yellow Warbler, just warbling. (Mike Daniels photo)

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