It's a HEFTY record with 190% of average snowfall recorded for the month of November 2018. How many inches is that?

That, my friend, is 76 inches of snow for the month of November!

Big Sky Resort was able to have an excellent opening day on Thanksgiving Day. If you weren't able to make it up the hill, this is what it looked like:

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And if you're wondering about the new 8-person Ramcharger lift, this is the current status as of November 30th, 2018 per Big Sky Resort:

Ramcharger 8, an eight-seat, D-Line chair with ergonomically-shaped, heated seats and a "Big Sky blue" bubble, will transport 3,600 skiers per hour to the top of Andesite Mountain.

The first 8-seat chair has officially traveled on a haul rope in North America.

Yesterday, a Ramcharger 8 chair was sent down the haul rope to check alignment, electrical systems, and Direct Drive technology.

The electrical wiring and commissioning process continues, which includes engaging the Direct Drive and moving chairs.

A Doppelmayr team from Austria will assist in computer programming, the next step in the construction process.



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