Legendary quarterback Tom Brady announced that he is officially retiring after 22 seasons in the NFL. There were a lot of rumors that Brady was retiring, but now it has been confirmed.

Tom Brady is arguably one of the best to ever step onto the gridiron. He won 7 Super Bowls and his legacy will never be forgotten. On the football field, Brady was a calculated surgeon. He completed quite a few unbelievable passes throughout his career.

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When Brady wasn't on the football field, he spent a lot of time on vacation with his family. One of the places he and his family spent time during the offseason was the Yellowstone Club in Montana.

Tom Brady is no stranger to Big Sky Country. Last year, he teamed up with golf great Phil Mikelson for The Match at Moonlight Basin in Big Sky, Montana. Obviously, Brady is pretty talented when it comes to anything he sets his mind to.

In 2017, Brady and his family were on a ski vacation at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky. While skiing, he hit a jump and completely missed the landing which resulted in a crash. The video went viral and eventually became a meme.

In true Tom Brady fashion, he studied to tape to figure out what went wrong. He determined that he needed a bigger hill and more speed after watching a couple of videos featuring four-time olympian Lindsey Vonn.

In 2019, while preparing for another family ski trip at the Yellowstone Club, Brady re-watched the video and shared the story on Instagram.

We hope Tom Brady enjoys his retirement, and we want to thank him for all of the great memories he created for sports fans around the world.

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