Attorney General Tim Fox appeared on the KGVO Talk Back show on Tuesday specifically to discuss his run for Governor on the Republican ticket.

Fox noted that Donald Trump, Jr. would be in Montana to campaign for his opponent Greg Gianforte. Fox said the Trump for President campaign has been in direct contact with him here in Montana.

“I was really pleased to be asked to co-chair President Trump’s Victory Re-election Campaign for 2020 and spoke with the regional campaign director for the Trump campaign just yesterday,” said Fox. “They’re excited about my assistance here. I now know that the reason given for Mr. Gianforte not being able to attend the debate next week was apparently not totally correct, but in any event, we now know what he’ll be doing instead of debating.”

Fox also responded to a recent interview on Talk Back by Republican Attorney General candidate Austin Knudsen, who was critical Fox’s budgets while Montana’s Attorney General. Fox mused about which of Fox’s successful programs Knudsen would like to see eliminated to save money.

“The Criminal Interdiction Teams that we’ve added to the Montana Highway Patrol have been incredibly successful interdicting the drugs that are killing our citizens, so maybe he wants to cut that,” he said. “Which citizens does he want to compromise their health and safety, I’m not sure. How about the human trafficking investigators that the legislature approved last session? I guess he’s not too concerned about human trafficking in Montana, so perhaps he’s like to slash that.”

Fox said Knudsen was misleading KGVO’s listeners about crime statistics in Montana.

“The current data shows that violent crime is going down, sexual assaults are going down, and DUI’s are going down,” he said. “So, he’s misleading you and the voters. Some people will say and do anything to get elected, and most Montanans don’t appreciate that.”

Fox then compared his record to Greg Gianforte’s when it comes to earning the voter’s trust.

“I think character counts,” he said. “Montanans expect their elected officials to tell the truth and to show up and allow them to ask hard questions on the campaign trail, and not to duck debates. There is a clear choice. I believe I am that person, and I would appreciate folks going to Fox for Governor dot com and if they so choose to please support me and vote for me in the primary.”

Voters will have three Republicans to choose from in the June 2020 primary; Fox, Gianforte and Dr. Al Olszewski.


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