Trees are the highlight of a green state landscape. And the "Keep Montana Green" poster contest brings out visions of those lands from some of the best young artists in the area.

The Southwestern Land Office (SWLO) of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation have narrowed down the entries, and the winners have been submitted to the statewide contest to select the best of the best. The State of Montana winners will be announced soon.

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This is the 61st annual competition. The contest got its start back in the 60s to make people aware of being careful with fire in the woods. This year, there were over 150 submissions in this part of the state. We thought it was a good idea to list the top entrants from Southwestern Montana.

Primary Division (K-3rd Grade)


  • 1st - Molly Williams Swan Valley Elementary 3rd grade
  • 2nd - Hale Devins Seeley Lake Elementary kindergarten
  • 3rd - Zoey Evans Florence-Carlton Elementary 3rd grade
  • Honorable Mention - Nellie McLean Woodman School 2nd grade


Intermediate Division (4th-6th Grade)


  • 1st - Liz Knutson Bonner School 6th grade
  • 2nd - Gabe Murphy Florence-Carlton Elementary 4th Grade
  • 3rd - Kennadee Nelson-Deluca Woodman School 5th Grade
  • Honorable Mention - Porter Kroenke Washington Middle School 6th Grade


Junior Division (7th-9th Grade)


  • 1st - Kellan Dick Washington Middle School 8th Grade
  • 2nd - Abby wheeler Superior High School 9th Grade
  • 3rd - Liam Wheeler Superior Junior High 7th grade
  • Honorable Mention - Isabella Hansen - Gold Creek School 7th grade


Senior Division (10th-12th Grade)


  • 1st - Jaiden Haugland Florence-Carlton High School 10th Grade
  • 2nd - Delaney Lawrence Florence-Carlton High School 11th Grade
  • 3rd - Caleb Rockwood Victor School 12th Grade
  • Honorable Mention - Dylon Kidd Florence-Carlton High School 12th Grade


Kristin Mortenson, SWLO Community Preparedness and Fire Prevention Specialist said in a news release, "We are excited that we had a good turnout for this year's contest and hope to continue to see an increasing number of schools participate in the future."

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