Arcade Fire has released their fifth studio album Everything Now. The band has followed an aggressively sardonic marketing scheme for the album, making a fake Twitter account and posting fake advertisements mocking corporate capitalism and the state of the industry in general. They even posted a fake album review of Everything Now earlier this week on a site called "Stereoyum" that looks more than a little bit like Stereogum.

Listen to the album on Spotify and Apple Music below.

Track Listing:

1. "Everything_Now"
2. "Everything Now"
3. "Signs of Life"
4. "Creature Comfort"
5. "Peter Pan"
6. "Chemistry"
7. "Infinite Content"
8. "Infinite_Content"
9. "Electric Blue"
10. "Good God Damn"
11. "Put Your Money On Me"
12. "We Don't Deserve Love"
13. "Everything Now (continued)"

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