Think you have all you could ever need in life? Arcade Fire wants you to know, you could have everything now if you just sold out a tiny little bit.

The Everything Now Corporation is a proud sponsor of The Late Show, and even Stephen Colbert isn't immune to the company's charms. They provide everything from food products to fidget spinners, and even offer live music to the masses. As part of their contract with EN, Arcade Fire appeared on The Late Show last night to bring the live studio audience some inoffensive music to charm them into loving EN.

Shockingly all 86 members of the band fit on the Late Show stage, including the flautist. Guess that's the kind of magic you can work when partnering with Everything Now.

Action Bronson took time off from watching episodes of Ancient Aliens to record a new album, Blue Chips 7000. The New York rapper hit up the Tonight Show stage to wow Jimmy Fallon's audience with his first new single in a few years, "Chariman's Intent." Though Bronson isn't without his controversies, the man has a talent for verses, and can make an audience interested in the performance.

Plus, after the excess of Arcade Fire's performance, it's nice to see someone who can just roll up with a microphone and a computer to do the work. Not that there's anything wrong with Arcade Fire, it just provides a nice counter balance to the idea of having such a massive band on hand.

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