Pearl Jam fans everywhere should soon be able to enjoy the band's two-night stand at Wrigley Field in Chicago during their 2016 tour.

The group has posted what promises to be only the first teaser for Let's Play Two, so named after the catchphrase of Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks. It appears to be a concert film compiling stage performances and behind-the-scenes footage from the Wrigley shows. No real details are revealed during the 30-second clip, although it definitely captures the atmosphere surrounding the band leading up to the dates — at one point, frontman and noted Cubs fan Eddie Vedder is seen saying, "The first time you walk into Wrigley Field, it’s like stepping into Oz."

While fans wait for a track listing and release date, they can sign up for updates at the project's official site. In the meantime, there's plenty of room for conjecture; a spate of concert films have made their way to theaters prior to arriving on the home market in recent months, so there's reason to believe Let's Play Two could be lined up for a special theatrical screening. Pearl Jam has been one of the more exhaustively completist bands of its generation when it comes to making live material available, so there's also every reason to assume the film could be part of a deluxe package including audio for every song from both shows.

Aside from the noteworthiness of the venue, Pearl Jam's 2016 Wrigley stops make solid choices for a concert film simply by virtue of the setlists. Those shows, which served as the culmination of the band's spring and summer tour, served up sprawling, career-spanning song selections that included numerous covers and multiple encores — three on the first night and two on the second. Whatever shape this release ultimately takes, fans have plenty of potential to be satisfied.

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