You gotta love a band that appreciates the finer things in life, like dive bars! Last night after their show at The Wilma, some of the guys from All Time Low wanted to meet up and keep the good times goin.

First Stop - Stocks! The boys met up with me at Stocks mainly out of convenience, being that it's basically right next to The Wilma. We stayed there long enough for them to earn the right to sign the ceiling. So the next time you're by the poker table, look up for their freshly inked signatures!

Second Stop - The Rhino! We stopped by the Rhino on our way to Mo Club because Jack thought it looked like fun. And to commemorate his first time there, he took multiple selfies with a glass pressed up against his face (See his Instagram story!), while Zach talked to my friend Connor and I about shark diving and centipedes. To say that Zach is tougher than me and Jack is prettier than me, is a total understatement! Haha

Third Stop - Mo Club! Obviously I couldn't let the boys go without taking them to the Mo Club. The bright lights, delicious smell of Mo burgers sizzling on the grill and Mo Club's "colorful" clientele was the perfect ending to their short downtown Missoula dive bar tour. Even though Jack ate 3/4 of my Mo burger...

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