You think being cooped up in your home is hard as an adult. Imagine how the kiddos feel. With social distancing and no school, kids all over western Montana are starting to feel the cabin fever. Thankfully, communities all over western Montana are organizing a simple way to keep kids entertained during this trying time. They call them Teddy Bear Hunts.

Its simple. Place a teddy bear somewhere visible in your home or yard. Cooped up kids can then get out and stretch their legs as they wander the neighborhoods in search of elusive teddy bears.

Lolo recently hosted a Teddy Bear Hunt, with tons of neighbors participating. Stevensville plans to host a Teddy Bear Hunt on Thursday April 2nd.

Is your neighborhood having a Teddy Bear Hunt? If so, let us know. If not, then you should organize one by simply starting up a Facebook event page.

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