Do you ever see something and think to yourself, "where have I been? How did I not know about this?" I had one of those moments today when I realized that a longtime Missoula jewelry store has officially changed hands. I remember hearing that Adair Jewelers was having a going-out-of-business sale but I guess I didn't get the memo about new owners taking over the store.

First things first...

Just thinking about a going-out-of-business sale made me think of this classic sketch from a show I grew up watching called Almost Live. Do yourself a favor and give it a view in the YouTube video below. And if you're going to disregard my suggestion and scroll right past it you better make me a pinky promise that you'll circle back and watch it for a laugh.

Adair Jewelers is now L&M Fine Jewelry

I saw a post today on a community app where Michael Bohner was introducing himself.  He was telling how he and his wife purchased Adair Jewelers, mentioned that they changed the name to L&M Fine Jewelry, and he offered 10% off your purchase if you stop in and introduce yourself. Reading his post was the exact moment I realized that I was out of the loop and had no idea about the new owners or business name.

I looked them up on Facebook to see when the change happened

After 40+ years, the final day for Adair Jewelers was December 31st. The store reopened on January 13th with the new name. A message on the L&M Facebook page shows that the new owners are ready to meet Missoula.

We look forward to carrying on the legacy that Jim and his team have built over the years. Stop in and say "Hi". We're excited to be your "new" jeweler.

Photo: Ryan Nelson
Photo: Ryan Nelson

You can find L&M Fine Jewelry in the building where Adair Jewelers used to be - 3465 American Way in Missoula.

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