Montana is gearing up for 2022. The year that recreational marijuana will be sold over the counter at retail locations. It is going to be magical. Montana is currently 1 of 19 states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Why not celebrate that freedom with a magic show?

Nothing is more mind-blowing than witnessing a good magic trick. But, pair that with a couple of puffs of the sticky icky, and you will be blown away. That is where magician Ben Zabin steps in. Ben is bringing his Smokus Pokcus show to Missoula this October. Known as "The Dopest Show on the West Coast," Ben has been performing his magic all over the Portland, Oregon area. Now Ben is hitting the road and bringing his cannabis-infused tricks to Missoula.

According to the Smokus Pokus website

Caricatures will come to life, objects will vanish and reappear in impossible places, minds will be read, and both the stoned and sober will love the high that is Smokus Pocus.

Ben has gained notoriety in the magic field, as well as dozens of awards. Playing over 1000 shows all over the world. His tricks are both mind-bending as well as fun and entertaining.

This event will be taking place at The West Side Theater on Shakespeare street on Saturday October 23rd. The show starts at 7pm. Must be 18 or older.

Clearly, you will not be allowed to smoke in the theater. So don't plan on bringing any of your stashes along with you.


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