Events in Montana are really hit and miss in 2021. Some things are happening, while others are being canceled out of concern for public safety during the ongoing pandemic. As positive cases in our state reach levels that we were seeing in the winter of 2020, more events are getting scrapped. At least we got to see a few concerts this summer, though.

Missoula's beloved maze and pumpkin patch out on Clements Road has officially been canceled for the season. Last October the pumpkin patch closed early due to freezing. The owners of the Missoula Maze have announced that life has taken them in a different direction and they've sold the Maze and pumpkin patch. They did express their gratitude for years of wonderful memories with the Missoula community, and that the new owners are "mindfully determining the course of its future." See their full Facebook announcement below.

We've certainly enjoyed great times at the Maze! The photo ops in the pumpkin patch, carefully choosing pumpkins to take home for carving, getting lost in the mazes, the anticipation of what the maze design would be each year, and simply enjoying a cup of cocoa in the brisk fall weather while the kids ran around having fun. We'll truly miss it and appreciate the family who took the time to put the whole thing together each year.

We'll keep ya posted on any news about the sale and future plans. In the meantime, two signature Missoula Halloween parties have been announced. The Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh is happening on October 29th, and Disco Bloodbath X is planned for October 30th.

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