Empowerment and support are essentials in what a community needs to survive and grow in a healthy manner. The Women’s Giving Circle (WGC) of Missoula County focuses on bringing in women of diversity to help build and strengthen our community and grow philanthropy. The Missoula County Foundation partners with the Women’s Foundation of Montana to bring together resources and donations to gift to certain notable local organizations every year.

The WGC just recently announced they are launching a matching campaign for new members. Kathy Witkowsky, who is a circle member and also serves the WGC Steering Committee, generously offered up to $5,600 as a challenge grant to encourage new membership. Ms. Witkowsky states in the article by the WGC launching this campaign, ‘” I am delighted to be able to offer this matching challenge because I believe that the WGC is a wonderful opportunity for women of all ages and backgrounds to experience empowerment by pooling their resources and their wisdom for the greater good.’”.

Giving circles allow the opportunity for donors who may be less affluent than a traditional philanthropist to pool funds for a common cause, which can create an increase in diversity in philanthropy.  Women and non-binary individuals in the Missoula community who have not been part of the WGC within the past 13 months are encouraged to join and have their donation matched dollar-for-dollar from April 1st to May 28th.

Memberships start at $120 per year, or a recurring contribution of $10 per month. For Community members enrolled in K-12 or higher education programs, there is a student rate of $60 per year or recurring contribution of $5 per month. You can learn more at www.womensgivingcirclemissoula.org. The WGC states, “The mission of the Women’s Giving Circle is to inspire collaborative giving to strengthen our community. Their vision is a community where all gifts have value, all donors have a voice, and all Missoula County benefits.”

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