This past week has been so much fun seeing all the rivalry smack talk flooding the internet. If you are heading to Bozeman to watch the "ass whooping," or just having a Brawl of the Wild viewing party, take along a couple jokes. I present to you 5 of our favorite MSU Bobcat jokes.

  1. Q: How do MSU football players kids learn how to count? A: 0h and 1, 0h and 2, 0h and 3
  2. If two alumni from MSU get a divorce, are they still cousins?
  3. Did y'all ever hear about the great Griz-Bobcat War of 1938? The no good MSU Boobcat fans were sneaking up to the Griz practice field and throwing sticks of dynamite at our football team. The Grizzlies, in retaliation, lit the sticks and threw 'em back!!!
  4. You do realize that the Montana State Bobcats have a major drug problem this season. Yeah, they get drug from one side of the field to the other.
  5. Where do all the MSU students go during a tornado??? To the football field because there hasn't been a touchdown there yet!!!


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