Missoula teenagers, how does a season pass to Snowbowl along with a used snowboard gear starter pack--including a helmet--and a snowboard lesson, sound!? We have teamed up with Catalyst Communications and Board of Missoula to give you an opportunity to shred this season. Here's further explanation from Erin, a local entrepreneur.

When I was a teen I won an essay contest at Whitefish High School and received a season pass to Big Mountain and a used snowboard gear setup. This changed my life, opening up doorways into the world of outdoor sports that I had only dreamed of in year’s past.

As the oldest of 3 kids in a single parent family, we simply could not have afforded to help me get into snowboarding that year, or any year. I’m still a snowboarder all these years later, and am SO grateful someone made this opportunity available.

Furthermore, this taught me that the generosity of helping just one person can have a remarkable impact that ripples out so far.

Shred It Forward Essay Contest: In a one-page essay, please tell us about your desire to snowboard this year, and how winning this contest would help you overcome any barriers that prohibit you from doing so, or how you might benefit from it in other ways. Please use the form below to submit your essay.

Submissions accepted until December 3rd, 11:59 p.m. MST. Angel & Erin will select one winner, to be announced on December 5th. The winner can remain anonymous, and does not need to be identified by name. Non-transferable, no cash value. You can only apply for yourself.

Prize Pack: A Teen Season Pass to Montana Snowbowl, one lesson, a snowboard and a used snowboard gear starter pack.

Terms for Participants: Applicants must be 13-18 years old (as of December 1st, 2019) who are currently enrolled in an educational, tradesperson, rehabilitative/educational or comparable program located in the Missoula area.

Paying it forward: We encourage the winner to find a meaningful way to pay it forward in their community. Whatever catches your attention and makes you think “hey, I could make this better!” --we encourage you to do so. This a voluntary action, not a requirement for winning.

Thanks to Board of Missoula for graciously donating the snowboard gear, Catalyst Communications for donating the season pass, and a heartfelt thank you to whomever conducted the essay contest Erin won years ago!

This contest was launched in celebration of the life of Chad ‘Panda’ Palmer,  a man who paid it forward, quietly performing acts of kindness everywhere he went during his short time on this earth. ❤️

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