Last week as the temperatures got a little cooler around Western Montana my wife and I decided to go get some soup and grilled cheese sandwiches from 4B's. I'm pretty sure we are the oldest 30 year old people in the state of Montana, or at least our eating habits are.

For years I've heard of people talking about how great the Tomato Soup is at 4B's, which made me really excited when they opened their doors again in Missoula taking over the old Finnagan's location out on East Broadway. Upon entering the restaurant I notice they have my favorite soup of all time available as well as the Tomato.

My amazing waitress let me sample both the Tomato and my personal favorite the Cream of Broccoli soup, and although the Tomato was really good the Broccoli soup was better. I know that many people will disagree with me, but if you like Cream of Broccoli soup and sample both I think you will agree with me.

No, this is not an advertisement for 4B's but if you are looking for the best Cream of Broccoli soup I've found around here... you're welcome.


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