So many questions on school schedules as we begin a new year - are we still on the same schedule, are public schools ever going back to full time in class instruction, is there a U of M spring break?? Here are some important dates to make note of on your new, 2021 calendar.

University of Montana spring classes begin on Monday, January 11th and end on April 23rd, with the week of April 26th being the dreaded Finals Week. Monday, January 18th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so no classes and offices are closed, same goes for Presidents' Day on Monday, February 15th. In lieu of a spring break, students will get a break with no school on Thursday, March 4th, Tuesday, March 16th, and Friday, April 2nd. This year's U of M graduation is scheduled for Saturday, May 1st, and it's too early to tell if commencement can be held in person or not due to the pandemic.

As for Missoula County Public Schools, we are still on a hybrid schedule through the end of the semester on January 22nd, with the first half of the alphabet attending in person classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the second half of the alphabet on Thursdays and Fridays. Depending on Missoula COVID-19 numbers and cases this month, schools could move to the Hybrid PLUS model, which would be remote learning on Mondays and all students attending all schools Tuesdays through Fridays. Considering the steady number of cases, it's not likely to happen, but Phase 2 would be all students every day, Mondays through Fridays. There will be an update on January 22nd and keep in mind, no matter what phase or schedule we are in, the shortened school day schedule is in effect, so K-5 8:30-2:10, 6-8 7:55-1:30, HS 10a-3:30.

In semester 2, the number of classes per day will increase to 3 classes per day at Sentinel and Hellgate, and 4 classes per day at Big Sky. MCPS Spring Break is March 15th through the 19th. Good luck, stay positive!

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