Get this, I just finally saw The Godfather for the first time, I'm a terrible American, I know. Over the holidays, my family saw plenty of movies, there was one week where all three of us had zero reason to leave the house. There were a lot of Christmas cookies (we went through SO much butter, it's obscene,) video games, sleeping in, and movies.

We got through The Godfather parts I and II, we haven't completed the trilogy yet, but we picked a good time to watch as the remake of part III "Coda: The Death of Michael Coreleone" was just released in 2020. I love the story line and can finally appreciate why the movies are must see classics. I also finally saw 1976's 'Taxi Driver' which is weird AF. You've seen this, right? It's very 70's and so twisted, but again, I can totally see why it's a classic, good stuff, glad I finally saw it.

We had the nieces and nephews over for 'Soul' on New Year's Eve and it's a great flick. It stars Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, and Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails did the score. The animation is unreal, really like nothing we've seen before, and the score is beautiful. As is the general message of the film, which is to appreciate the small things of everyday life. The kids loved it and really absorbed the message of the movie, they had some great comments and deep thoughts on all of it. You can see 'Soul' on Disney+ and its current audience score is 4.6 out of 5, so pretty much everyone digs it.

OH, you know what else we watched? The 1960 original Psycho, another super weird, but good one. We also loved the Glass Animals, Foo Fighters, Primus, Vundabar, and Gorillaz livestreams and have decided this is a pretty solid way to get our live music fix until we can concert again. Give livestreams a whirl if you have yet to, they're also much more affordable than real concert tickets, especially since you don't get a merch booth.

So it was the best holiday staycation ever, but it's awesome to be off the couch, back in pants, out and about, getting work done and being back on the air. Hope your 2021 is going well so far, and if you're in quarantine, now you have some good ideas for stuff to watch.

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