With all of the fun stuff going on for Halloween, it's tough to keep track of when and where to be for all of the fun parties happening in Missoula. There's also a fair amount of family friendly activities going on as well. Here's the breakdown so you don't have to keep looking up the info, click on any of these for more details.


Grotesque Burlesque Carnival of Flesh at the Dark Horse

Free Cycles Halloween Party

Rocky Horror Live at the Wilma


90's Slashback Party at the Fox Club

"Playboy" Haunted Mansion Party

Disco Bloodbath 7

Bayern Brewing Halloween Party

Rocky Horror Live at the Wilma

Union Club Costume Party

Halloween Tuesday

Crappy Halloween Costume Contest

Dead Hipster Halloween Dance Party

Hamilton Halloween Parade

YMCA Hoot & Howl Halloween Bash

Southgate Mall Trick or Treating

And don't forget about the Missoula Haunted House, Haunted Hollow at the Carousel and the Festival of the Dead parade coming up on Thursday, November 2nd.