It's been an emotional and hard working past couple of weeks for the Z100 crew. Not only do we have new ownership, but we have relocated to a new space.

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For me personally it is has been tough to say "goodbye" to a building that I have gone to work at for almost 30 years. I have worked every shift in that building from overnights, nights, afternoons, middays to mornings. I was there when it became a radio station and still had that fresh "new radio station smell". For the past almost 16 years with Brian Lee and the "Brian and Chris Show" we have watched the sunrise come up with Mount Jumbo and Mount Sentinel in the background. We have shared many of these pictures with you over the years.

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But now comes change. For those that don't know yet, we have been purchased by Townsquare Media. So over the past few weeks there has been lots of changes, including moving 3 radio stations to a new building. We are now officially located at 3250 South Reserve Suite 200. Right across from Larchmont Golf Course above Western Montana Lighting. So when you are winning prizes that need to be picked up that is where you will go from now on. Lots of changes, new co-workers (who are great!), new equipment (awesome), new bathrooms and more.

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One of the toughest parts of the new building has been making sure I drive to the new location in the mornings. Some days I get on auto-pilot and next thing you know I am at our old studios. Change can be difficult and we appreciate all of the patience you have shown us as we have transitioned to our new building. We also appreciate your patience as we work to get our phones activated. We are told that the phones will be coming VERY soon! Once that happens and we get a chance to chat with you all again it will be just like the old days. I will personally miss the "old" building because I knew the tricks, like you need to jiggle the key to my old office to make it work. I will miss watching those sunrises. But we are very excited to start our new adventure and to start our new chapter with Townsquare Media and to learn the new tricks of our new building.

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So come along for the next chapter, there is much more to come!

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