You know when you see a post on social media about something you never gave much thought to, but the post makes you think, yeah, that's me. That was definitely the case for a lot of Montanans who saw a post from earlier this month get shared around the state. The post originated with a Billings resident named Tim.

Tim breaks down the reason for the "Backroad Wave," as one of my dear friends referred to it in the comments. The Backroad Wave is when you're driving in remote areas of the state, and when another vehicle approaches going the opposite way, you give them a wave or the two fingers over the steering wheel in acknowledgement. My favorite part of Tim's post is "This is an unwritten, but understood rule. It surpasses politics, gender, everything. I mean EVERYTHING!"

I feel like we are all searching for some solidarity during this difficult year. Whether you're feeling divided politically, or even just feeling isolated due to lack of concerts and gatherings, I feel like we are all looking for even a little bit of solidarity. And that's likely why Tim's post made such a connection with all Montanans who read and shared it.

What other small acts like the Backroad Wave do you do that you think makes us uniquely Montana? Share in the comments, we'd love to read your thoughts and share a little solidarity ourselves.

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