Wow, popular music videos livestreamed 24 hours, 7 days a week, why didn't we think of that! Because MTV already thought of it in 1981, with the "M" standing for music. Gather 'round kids, Auntie is gonna tell ya about music television.

When MTV launched, we were finally able to see what our favorite artists looked like. Thanks to interviews, we could see their personalities, and hear their opinions and, brace yourself, even discover new artists! MTV hired radio DJs and called them VJs and they were hands down the coolest people in America. If Alan Hunter told you a song was good, it was good. If JJ Jackson said it was OK to wear a knock off Michael Jackson jacket in public, it most certainly was. Headbangers Ball and 120 Minutes introduced us to new bands and artists we would have never heard on Missoula radio, it was magical. Go ahead and call me a boomer, but original MTV was a life changer.

Much like Pepperidge Farm, Apple remembers, and they're bringing it back. Apple Music TV launched on Monday with a countdown of the 100 most streamed songs of all time in the U.S. The stream will have interviews, video premieres, video blocks, live concerts and events, guests and NO reality TV shows. Tomorrow (10/22) they are celebrating the release of the new Springsteen documentary "Letter To You" with an All Day Bruce Takeover. It's the kind of 'heck yeah' news we all needed in 2020.

If you already have Apple TV app and/or the Apple Music app, the livestream is free. What's next? Live and local DJs on the radio 24/7? Getouttahere!

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