It has been some time since we have heard of more Kevin Costner sightings in the Bitterroot Valley. But, the next season of Yellowstone has been announced and the Paramount Network has released the trailer.

It appears the Dutton family is back to doing everything in their power to secure the 7 generations it took to build their ranch. The Duttons seem to be constantly battling outside forces from invading their way of life. Last season it was a casino encroaching on their property. Now it look like an entire urban development may soon swallow what is left of the Yellowstone Ranch. With plans of an entire city sprouting up around the Yellowstone Ranch.

What I think we need to watch out for this season is who will step up and take charge of the ranch. Will John's kids continue to let him down, or will Kayce, Beth and Jamie actually do their part to make their father proud?

Will Rip and Beth continue to play their "hard to get romance game? Will Kayce and Monica rekindle their struggling marriage? Will Jamie continue to try and run for political office in Helena? Will John continue to suffer from failing health?

We will find out when television's #1 drama, filmed right here in western Montana, premieres the NEW season on Father's Day 2020. Sunday June 21st.

For now take a sneak peek at what you can expect from the upcoming season of Yellowstone.

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