Wrangler Jeans is looking for Montana residents interested in being featured in a commercial that's being filmed near Ennis beginning next week.

Filming dates are scheduled for October 20 & 21 and will take place at various locations throughout the state.

First, Wrangler is looking for an OCP talent or featured actor for a commercial that will be filmed near Ennis, Montana on October 20 & 21. Anyone 25-35 years old is encouraged to apply. If interested, you'll need to be available for call time which could last up to 6 hours. Pay is $1,000 per talent.

Here's a synopsis from the Montana Film Office.

We are filming a scene around a lake gathering. Extras will be interacting and having fun around a campfire, socializing, etc. These videos will be used for web, national television spots and still imagery.

Extras are also needed for the commercial and need to be available for the same times listed above. Pay for extras is $150.

Wrangler is filming an additional commercial in Billings. The shooting date for the Billings commercial is October 23. An OCP Talent or featured actor is needed. Pay is $1,000 per talent, and filming is expected to last up to 6 hours.

Here's what the Montana Film Office has to say about the Wrangler commercial in Billings.

We are filming scenes at a local rodeo. the main cast will be arriving for a fun time at the rodeo, sitting in the stands cheering and interacting with each other, etc. These videos will be used for web, national television spots and still imagery.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed above, email Casting Director Souk Mounsena via email at: souk@pursuitsociety.com.

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