A couple of months ago, we told you about the plans being put into place to start making some changes to Caras Park in Missoula, that were set to begin right around the fall.

Well, guess what? It's fall now, and NBC Montana is reporting that work on those changes officially starts today.

Here's What's Happening During Phase 1

This is considered "Phase One" of the project, with more work to be done down the line. But for now, the plan is to install new drainage for storm water, clear some lawn space, build an 18-foot-wide riverfront promenade, and begin to expand the amphitheater in the park.

The amphitheater is a major focus of these changes, and it's basically undergoing a complete overhaul. They also plan to eventually replace the nearby hill with a flat lawn and improve the lighting and power infrastructure.

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Changes Coming in the Future

And then, looking even further into the future, the city plans to add a new plaza for the farmer's market, install new restrooms, add some formal access points for the river, and even install a new ice-skating ribbon. It could be a while before we see any of those changes implemented, though.

The summer season has finally winded down, so now is the ideal time to get some of these improvements at Caras Park made. Once they are, you may be able to expect more events happening at the park throughout the year, instead of just during the spring and summer.

How do you feel about all the new changes at Caras Park? Are you curious to see what it's going to look like?

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