After Wonder Woman's smashing success at the box office this summer, a sequel was a no-brainer. But where will the Amazonian princess find adventure next? The USSR.

Wonder Woman was far from the first female-led superhero feature film, but her blazing path to the top of the box office in the era of male superhero dominance was something to behold. As has become customary with just about every comic book-based movies these days, sequel plans for Wonder Woman were being drawn up almost as soon as the first viewers were exiting theaters last month. Even without director Patty Jenkins formally locked in to return for Wonder Woman's follow-up, Warner Bros. and DC definitely have some plans for Diana's next cinematic escapade.

Rather than setting a sequel in the timeline after the events of this fall's Justice League movie, a new report hints that a sequel to Wonder Woman will again be set in a pre-Man of Steel world. According to Screen Rant, Wonder Woman's next battle will take place during the 1980s, right at the closing moments of the Cold War era. It's not a common timeframe for superhero films, but the government of the former Soviet Union has made for decent villains in a number of stories over the years.

More than placing Wonder Woman in the era of espionage and nuclear threats, the report also hints that Chris Pine's Steve Trevor may also return. Somehow. Given that Wonder Woman takes place during World War I, it would be almost impossible for Steve Trevor to still be alive in the 1980s, let alone given what happens during the climax of Wonder Woman. That said, the chemistry between Pine and Gal Gadot was unmistakable, and bringing back her love interest and closest friend for the sequel makes a great deal of sense. Chris Pine isn't hard to look at either, so there's that.

Of course, it could just be that Pine plays a relative of Trevor's, as unlikely as that scenario seems given his devotion to the war effort. It's all still rumor for now anyway, as the scripting and story treatments are early in their lives. A lot can change between now and when the actual scripts are sent out and shooting begins. There's no current release date or window for Wonder Woman yet either, though much of the remaining DC Cinematic Universe has a lockdown on release dates through 2020. For how much of a success Wonder Woman has been thus far, you can believe Warner Bros. will try to find a way to get a follow-up out sooner than the next Presidential election.

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