This past Sunday, my friends at Ridge Fitness put on their second super successful women's self-defense class! The variety of the turnout proves that there is no age limit on self-defense!

These classes are taught by my girl Rachel Plumage and Matt Powers, who are some of the most qualified instructors Missoula has to offer! Plus you get to learn and then execute a successful choke hold on Matt himself! It's gotta feel pretty bad ass to be able to render a man as massive as Matt, completely useless!

The results from this class have been so successful that Rachel and Matt have decided to do another partner women's self-defense class on Sunday, May 7th @ Ridge Fitness. So this is your chance to bring along your girlfriends, sisters, moms, grandmas and any other female family members, and practice grappling and other hand-to-hand combat moves that could save your life in a pinch!

Check out these bad ass women (and Matt lol) at last week's class:

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