A century-old fountain in Helena is being removed today, August 18, after a group wrote to the Helena City Commission earlier this week protesting the fountain because it was put in place by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

"We are following the directions from the city commission to remove the fountain," Said Helena Parks and Recreation Director Amy Teegarden. "The fountain will be moved in such a way that it may be reassembled in the future at a future location or museum depending upon the direction of the city commission. It has now been removed from its base as far as the concrete, it has been chipped away so it is no longer secure."

As the fountain was being removed a couple dozen people gathered, and one woman was arrested.

"This morning after we set up a safety perimeter, there was an adult female that chose not to leave the safety perimeter and she was arrested," Teegaden said. "There are other people voicing their opinions and they are being respectful of police and employees and they stayed outside the perimeter.

Teegan said the fountain will be held on city property and that there were no immediate plans on a replacement for the fountain.

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