Alright here's the deal. We are sending 3 teams through the Legends of Fire escape room at Big Sky Breakout. The team to get through the quickest will score 4 tickets to the sold out Pearl Jam show at Griz stadium.

Each team of 4 will represent one of our stations: an Alt 101.5 team, a 96.3 The Blaze team & a 107.5 Zoo FM team. Teams must be available to participate on August 9th, the concert is August 13th.

Think you've got what it takes to represent your favorite station and win a 4-pack of PJ tickets? We'll call you if you are the chosen team to enter, what we dramatically like to refer to as, The Pearl Jam Thunderdome.

More about the Legends of Fire escape room:

Your village is under attack by dragons. The local sorcerer has been selling magical weapons and there are rumors that he is creating a super sword of unharnessed power. You and your friends decide to journey to the sorcerer’s lair to retrieve the sword and save your village. You have exactly one hour. Are you brave enough?

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