So it's Easter, not Thanksgiving, but I wanted to share this turkey day skit as we have been using the "bone dry" line at my house during the pandemic. Obviously we are hearing a ton of tips and tricks to good hand washing, getting the thumbs, backs of hands, under the nails and using an antibacterial handsoap. All the songs and verses we are supposed to sing to ensure we are washing long enough (we prefer various verses from the Primus and the Chocolate Factory album.) But what's important ALL the time, and not just during a pandemic, is washing after you use the bathroom. And Will Ferrell's character points this out several times by accusing a guy in the skit of having "bone dry" hands when coming back from the bathroom. So even though it's a skit from last year's Thanksgiving episode of SNL, it's definitely relevant in 'virus times,' as they're known.

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