We know, we know. Rap is the enemy, blah, blah, blah. We've heard it all before and, by the way, you're wrong. Well, at least when it comes to Post Malone, who is giving recognition to rock in the mainstream when just about nobody else is willing to.

Gene Simmons has repeated the notion that rock is dead, but he's a guy who only measures the success of things by handfuls of zeros before decimal points and after dollar signs. Just because rock has taken a back seat to rap and hip-hop in terms of mainstream popularity (major festival lineups, radio play, television appearances, etc.), doesn't mean it's dead — it's just not the genre driving America right now.

With the overwhelming influx of farewell tours and the reaper's unforgiving and inevitable touch, the cause for alarm is certainly understandable. We're always asking where the next Metallica is, but there also needs to be a climate to foster the rise of a band like this if it were to happen.

In an era where an artist breaking through is becoming increasingly tough, it's crucial that someone gives a voice to the voiceless. In the video above, we take you through why Post Malone is that all-important siren call.

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