^^Front Desk Debbie demonstrates that size matters^^

AKA How We Crammed Big Stuff Through Tiny Doorways

You would have thought I'd have learned my lesson the first time, but apparently, I'm a full blown turd. My fam moved over the summer, just to the next neighborhood over, and I wasn't too stoked about the refrigerator at the new place so we bought a new one. A new, gigantic, ice maker, water dispenser silver extravaganza. I'd never had one of those before, so I thought I was pretty neat. Until we picked it up and got it to the porch. Holy shit.

Our rad friend Jesse, who kindly volunteered to help load and unload the fridge from the truck, had no idea he was about to step into a day long ordeal. There way no way the fridge was gonna fit through the door, so I said let's pack it up and take it back. Jesse is one of these guys who is driven to succeed and loves a challenge, so he calls his new step father Jim over, and Jim shows up with a toolbox. He'd never even met us before and there he was, getting after it, not once telling me what an idiot I am for not measuring before I purchased. A bunch of true blue Montanans, happily helping with my drama. Well, they took the fridge doors off and got it in and I think of Jim every time I get a cold glass of delicious water.

Now, I'm sure our landlord is reading this, cringing, but dreaming of how she will spend our deposit money. For real though, it's fine, trust me landlady. Which brings me to my next tale of idiocy, and glory.

Clearly I have the memory of a goldfish because I took the fam out to choose a new sectional, we'd never had one before and I'm always jelly when I see other people relaxing on theirs, and I, umm....did NOT bring a tape measure. The delivery dudes show up and put these two giant sofa sections on our porch in front of the door so I couldn't get out, which was confusing, but anyway, I probably deserved it. So Dave plus our teenager plus teenager's friends got the damn things into the front room, and the first half into the living room, but there was NO way the second half was going in.

Landlady, just stop reading here, I promise everything is fine, just look away.

We tried different angles, we took the feet off, we took the door off, our friends encouraged us to PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT! We were damaging the couch, so we left it in the front room and went to bed. This morning I watched a YouTube video about how to remove and replace a door jamb. Then I got the bright idea to call a professional mover, they have to do this stuff all the time, right? So I reached out to the only one I had ever heard of in the Missoula area, All Lanes Moving, and no he didn't pay me to write about him or endorse him, I'm just telling you my honest tale. Layne shows up, checks it out, makes a couple of adjustments and BOOM, that sectional was in our living room. I'm sitting on it as we speak.

No way are we taking any of this stuff with us next time we move. Thank you to Jesse, Jim and All Lanes Moving for being productive, kind and patient, and to all who helped us move in general. What a royal pain in the ass.

Unless you're a master pivoter, always ALWAYS bring home measurements and a tape measure with you when shopping for appliances and furniture. Take my word for it.

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