Whitefish resident and self proclaimed white supremacist & white nationalist Richard B. Spencer recently had his card declined at a popular establishment. The owner has since asked him never to return.

Great Northern Bar owner Doug Rommereim posted a shot of a declined card receipt on Facebook. It shows that Richard Spencer was at the Whitefish bar on Sunday, May 6th at 1:55 a.m. and ordered a $4.25 bourbon drink. The shot of the receipt was accompanied by a note from Mr. Rommereim stating:

Dear Mr. Spencer. Please refrain from visiting our establishment in the future. It makes everybody feel real scummy. We appreciate your understanding AND cooperation in this matter. Thank you. Also, you might want to tell your mommy to put some more money in your account. As you can see, your card was declined. Don’t worry about paying us back. We’ll just write it off as a bad loan to a good nazi.

Hopefully, Mr. Spencer receives the message. Bravo Doug!

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