You don't notice the lack of places to get balloons until you need some. Most of us counted on Party America in the Northgate Plaza for all things balloons until their permanent closure on January 31st of this year. So you might be wondering where to get a bouquet of balloons for an upcoming birthday or the graduations in May and June.


That's where I spotted the rad Minecraft bouquet pictured above. We all know Alby's (as we lovingly call them) is the place for a quick bunch of flowers and a card, but now you know you can have balloons inflated there! We were shopping at the Tremper's location but since their other stores have a floral department, we imagine you can get balloons at all of them.

Once Upon A Balloon

Holy moly, who knew this was a thing in Missoula? I found this place on Facebook and they create some really cool arrangements with balloons! Check out the baby reveal video below. I don't think this is a brick-and-mortar where you go and browse, it's more of a call-to-order thing. I could be wrong, email for more info.

Dollar Tree

I think you can guess the best part about getting balloons at Dollar Tree, YES, they're only a dollar each! They typically have some inflated and ready to go but you can special order too. The Dollar Tree is on Brooks across from Missoula Nissan Hyundai.



You can find balloons anywhere really, both mylar and the good 'ol fashioned latex kind. It's the helium part that is tough to track down in Missoula, and it's also the expensive part. If all else fails you can buy your own helium tank (shown above) at Walmart for about $30 and it comes with 30 latex balloons with white ribbon.

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