Each winter morning that I start my morning show on Alt 101.5 I report whether or not listeners will have to get outside a little early to scrape the windshield. As a Montanan, you know what a pain in the rump this can be, depending on temperatures, the amount of snowfall, and ice. You've got your Montana winter days where you can simply use defrost and the windshield wipers, and other days where you have to get outside a half an hour early to dig the entire vehicle out of a snow dump.

When it's early and you find yourself without a scraper, and you're just not willing to go back inside or dig around in the garage, you find yourself getting creative with whatever is in your car to use as a scraper. Some examples: a driver's license or debit card (a lot of us have even snapped a license in half using it on ice), back in the day, a CD case worked beautifully, a school notebook, a book, a fast food cup, a bill you haven't opened, a box of candy, or just the good 'ol fashioned jacket sleeve swipe. I found myself in this situation this afternoon.

I went out to our front parking lot at work to retrieve the "adventure van," you know, our station van with all the logos and trees and stuff on it. It hadn't been moved in a couple of weeks and was covered in snow, the windshield was completely buried in a couple inches of heavy snow. I considered walking around to the other parking lot to get the long scraper brush out of my own truck, but took the lazy route and found a giant corrugated plastic Blaze sign in the back of the van. It was awkward to manage, but actually worked perfectly to slide under the snow and push it all off.

What's the most jacked up thing you've ever used to clear off your windshield?

The amazing Blaze sign used as a scraper.
The amazing Blaze sign used as a scraper.

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