Happy April 1st! We should all have our guard up on this annual day of pranks, but I did get duped for a minute this morning. Did you get pranked today? Or are you the pranker in your family?

When I got to work this morning to do my morning show on Alt 101.5, I saw an article that said Dave Grohl was going to play the villain in the new James Bond flick. Kerrang provided a pretty believable image and explanation, and they're one of the few credible music news websites out there, so I got excited for about 5 minutes, then I remembered...it's April Fool's Day. It was a good one though, I shared it with other Foo fans and they loved it.

I don't usually pull any elaborate pranks myself, because I feel like most people hate getting tricked, even in fun, but I inadvertently played a trick that I didn't mean to set up for national prank day. A couple of days ago, I was leaving work and noticed that the Blaze Jeep was absolutely filthy, covered in mud so bad that you couldn't even see the logos on the sides. So I did what any good American would, and drew a very explicit dong on the back window and forgot about it until KC later complemented my work. I appreciated that he recognized the fine artwork as mine. Then today, April Fool's Day, I see our engineer driving the damn thing with the wiener art on the back, it absolutely made my day.

What is the best prank you've ever pulled on someone or had pulled on you? We can't wait to hear what worked for you so that we might steal your ideas for next year.

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