Missoula's two AMC theaters will re-open this Thursday, August 27th, here's what to expect in pandemic times, and what movies are showing.

Both the Southgate Dine In and the Classic Mullan Street theaters have stated that they will take extra precautions to ensure safety for customers. Including reduced capacity, to allow for social distancing, staff will be using face masks and gloves, staff will be cleaning and sanitizing the lobby and theaters, concessions will be limited. You will need to wear your mask to enter, but can take it off once you're seated.

In addition, purchasing tickets and entry will be contactless. You likely have the Fandango app, so you've probably been doing contactless ticket buying for years. If not, get the app so that you can download your tickets to your phone, or, if you prefer, print at home. Both AMC theaters are also offering "worry free refunds & exchanges" in case you decide that going out isn't the best idea. Also, it's been a minute, so double check that you're buying tickets for the right theater, it sucks when you show up at the wrong theater and have to drive across town and get to your movie late.

So what's showing? The New Mutants, The Personal History of David Copperfield, Unhinged, Words on Bathroom Walls, and Inception (10th anniversary showing) at the Dine In. Same movies at the Mullan location, with the addition of Sonic The Hedgehog, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Rocky, and Rocky II. I know we aren't the only ones who have been craving some genuine movie popcorn and an over priced soda!

And, if you prefer to stay home to catch the new 'Bill & Ted Face The Music' flick, here's how.

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