It's been a few months since the giant stick known as COVID-19 was inserted into the spokes of the wheel we call life. As we continue to navigate the unknown and get back to whatever normalcy we can, one thing that remains to be seen is how schools are going to handle graduations. Don't look now, but they're sneaking up on us fast!

Along with getting a driver's license, turning 18, turning 21, getting married, having kids, and numerous other accomplishments, graduations are one of the monumental days that shape our lives. It's one last chance to see friends and classmates as a group before everybody sets out on different paths to take on the world.

I have plenty of memories from my graduation, although most aren't from the events of the ceremony itself. I do remember limping down the aisle to get my diploma as I had broke my toe the week before. I also remember it was held on a Friday the 13th, and I kept thinking what kind of luck that must be for the future.

What's going to happen in a few weeks as graduations draw near? I think we all know it's a given that any sort of normal ceremonies and celebrations won't be happening. A KPAX article this week quoted MCPS superintendent Rob Watson as saying "No matter when we hold the ceremony, it's going to look a lot different than it has in years past. And I say that because if you imagine the graduation ceremonies we've had before, with 3,000 people in attendance inside the Adams Center, I can't see any situation where that would be accepted or allowed by our county health department."

I can see where it would be so tough to try and plan an event like a graduation with the amount of people that will be allowed to gather six weeks from now a complete unknown. It's probably best to consider the alternative options instead of holding out hope for a typical ceremony. It seems like it would be worse to pick a date with the hopes of being in the clear for having a crowd, and then have to cancel and figure out a new plan.

Superintendent Watson was also stated the MCPS school board will have a plan in place by May 12th. Other districts hope to do the same in the next few weeks. Whatever those plans may be, graduation is going to be much different for the class of 2020.

Here's to hoping that graduating seniors can find a way to share in their accomplishments with friends and family in the best way possible. Oh, and may those graduation cards be filled with cash!

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