Netflix has landed a whale when it comes to the global phenomenon that is "Squid Game." You may have heard about the massively popular show for some time now. A show out of South Korea that is claiming international attention. Ranking as the #1 most popular show in 90 countries. It is clear that if you haven't seen it yet, it is well worth a try. Just be warned. It is filled with gore and violence.

What is it all about?

"Squid Game" is a series about people over their heads in debt, looking for a way out. These people are confronted by a company boasting a program that can help them get out of debt. Those that sign up for the program, soon find themselves waking up in a dorm wearing a jumpsuit. After some confusion, they are told that if they successfully complete 6 competitions, they will receive enough money to wipe away their debt. if they fail, it means certain death.

The six games are based on childhood games. Games like "Red light, Greenlight," and "Tug of War."

So what if Missoula had a "Squid Game" program? What games from our childhood would we be competing in? After some consideration, we came up with three games popular among kids in Montana.

1) King of the Mountain

Who didn't play "King of the Mountain?" We surely got plenty of mountains around. The rules are simple. Be the first to the top of the mountain and you win. Defend your position on the top of the mountain for as long as you can.

In a Missoula "Squid Game" we could see participants racing to the top of Mount Jumbo. For those that make it to the summit, they would defend it from others by rolling rocks down the hill "Donkey Kong-style."


2) Rock Skipping

Rock skipping is something that every kid in Missoula has probably mastered at one point. The trick to skipping rocks is your form and finding the perfect rock to skip. To win, you would have to successfully skip your rock across the entire width of the Clark Fork River... Fail, and you might find yourself "in the drink."


3) Freeze Tag

We have all played "Freeze Tag" before? Simply choose a few people who are "it," and have them try and tag as many other players as they can. Players can do everything they can to not get tagged. But, if they are tagged, have to freeze in position.

To win the Missoula "Squid Game" version of "Freeze Tag," simply don't get tagged. Why? Well, the Missoula version of the game would involve a pack of hungry wolves and giant grizzly bears. If "frozen" in place, losers would make for an easy meal.


To be clear we obviously don't encourage violence and gore. Just ask yourself if you would be willing to play these games in exchange for your debt being wiped away.

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