We are all desperate for a live concert. Anything from a friend's kid's high school punk band in a basement, to a jam band we've already seen 400 times. ANY show, any live entertainment. People like you and I aren't used to going this long without seeing a concert, it's anxiety inducing as concerts are where many of us relieve our stress. You know all of this, I'm just sayin', I feel ya.

Over the pandemic summer, we grabbed a pizza at the Pie Hole and when we came out, there was a renegade band set up at the end of Higgins playing for no one. So we sat down and jammed out as we ate our pie, and it was real therapy. Hearing live music enhanced our moods and made us happy, it was awesome. Another example of how desperate we are to do anything but stay home - next week we are driving our teenager to the airport in Spokane, and I'm excited about it. I'm not even the one going on Spring Break, but getting out of a Missoula for a night and going on a road trip sounds absolutely amazing about now.

I've been saying on the air that when we finally get to go to our first, real, full capacity concert, I'll probably be crying like a bitch, sobbing with relief and joy. But what show will it be? I've been thinking about it, and can't decide what my post-pandemic dream show would be, because just about anything would be awesome about now.

In the Facebook comments: Which band or artist do you want to see first? And at what venue? Queens of the Stone Age or Weezer (or both!) at the KettleHouse Amphitheater would be pretty badass, I think that might be my preference, but I'll keep dreaming on it until I see your sweaty, screaming face at a show. Hang in there.

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