One of the most charming things about Montana, I think, are our weird little out-of-the-way bars. Random gems that you find in our strange and historic small towns. I realize many people think we have too many bars for the number of residents in our state, I would tend to agree when it comes to casinos, but those cool places off the beaten path are fun finds. Especially when the weirdo regulars are holdin' down barstools. Which Montana bar is your favorite?

Of course you've got your legendary big establishments, whether they're dives or not. I'm talking about the places you only hear about. Take for instance Trax Bar in Alberton, Montana. Not many have actually been there, but you've definitely heard about it. And when you finally visit, you see it's one of those places where you just want to grab a booth and people watch for a couple of hours.

And your family friendly places like The Silver Spur Saloon in Vaughn, Montana. They've got a grill and a pool table and it's not uncommon to see little ones running about earlier in the day, before the rowdies get there.

Have you ever been to the Old Saloon in Emigrant, Montana? I haven't, but I hear it does have all the wild west feels. And the bars that are the only bars in town, like Bob's Bar in Neihart, Montana - you walk in and wonder if you've just encountered everyone in town all at once.

I'm not a drinker anymore but I still love our weird little bars featuring super honest regulars who sometimes offer sage advice. Which ones do you love?

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