At one time or another, you have probably visited a liquor store and seen a selection of liqueurs you've never heard of before, we certainly have. So we are diving in one bottle at a time to learn more about what these flavors are, and how to use them.

First up is Green Chartreuse Liqueur. At first glance, you might assume that it's an apple or minty flavored booze. It's actually an herbal liqueur, and according to our resident drinkers, is sweet at first, but becomes more spicy and pungent as you drink it. Green Chartreuse is also the only liqueur in the word that is naturally green colored.

If you decide to spring for a bottle, recommended drink recipes to Google are the Monte Cassino, the 75 & Sunny and, if you enjoy a variety of flavors, the Frosty Mule. And if you dig it, you may want to read up on it's history before serving Green Chartreuse at your next gathering.

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