After a 6-hour grind to Outland in World of Warcraft this weekend (you don't have to know what that means), I know for a fact that playing video games is one of my absolute favorite ways to spend my free time. The same is true for a lot of other Montanans, but each may play their games differently than others. Especially when it comes to how they play their games. What is the most popular console in Montana; Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, or Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, PC Gamers Aren't Represented in The Study

A study, conducted by the website Spades Challenge and covered by, goes over the Google Trends of all three of those game consoles in each state and determines the most popular console based on which ones were searched for the most by that state's citizens. This means that the console may not be the most widely owned console in that state, just the most popular on Google.

If you enjoy PC gaming, as I do, you'll find that it's not one of the categories on this list. While that makes me slightly sad, I understand why they left out PC gaming. The categories in this study are the newest video game consoles on the market today. Computer games have been a part of gaming culture for many years. So, let's see what is Montana's favorite game console.

Microsoft is the King in the Treasure State

Credit: / Spades Challenge
Credit: / Spades Challenge

That's right, the Xbox Series X is the most searched game console in Montana, according to the study. Montana joins 19 states with that result, however, it's beat by the PlayStation 5 in popularity. As someone who wants a PS5, that just makes sense to me, especially because it's been famously hard to get a hold of one since the launch of the console.

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Despite my lovely PC games not being represented, it's interesting to see the trends of these gaming consoles across the United States. If you love video games, let us know what you think of this trend on social media.

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