Just because there won't be an actual Fair to attend, doesn't mean your work shouldn't be celebrated. The Western Montana Fair is now accepting entries for 4-H, gardening, photography and all of the exhibit categories that have been available in the past, plus,a couple of new categories.

This year's theme is "Farm To Fair" and exhibits will be 100% virtual, however, the dates of the Fair will be expanded well beyond its normal boundary to allow for social distancing and the judging of exhibits in person. Going virtual is also a bonus for photography entrants as you will get to skip the cost of matting and framing this year, and you get to have up to 20 entries, rather than the normal 3. Entries are being accepted online now.

For safety reasons, the public will not be allowed to attend the Fair this year or access the Fairgrounds. Instead we will bring the Fair to you. As the winners are named, we’ll send the news directly to you via our news service subscription, social media, livestreaming and television.

We love the fair for 4-H, tater pigs, vikings, FFA tacos, Indian Tacos, bingo, carnival rides and just simply running into people we only see once a year at the Fair. It will all be back next year, and we will most certainly appreciate it more than we ever have.

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