The Jeannette Rankin Peace Center is hosting their annual Peace Party & Fundraiser on Sunday, October 13th at the Missoula County Fairgrounds. The fun starts at 3:30 and wraps up at 7:30, tickets for volunteers are $20, for everyone else, tickets range from $25 to $50, there are also options for couples and tables of ten, get tickets here.

Each year, we come together as a peace community at our Fall Peace Party! It’s our chance to celebrate the past year and look ahead. We also raise the money we need each year for our programs. Your generosity each year inspires us and keeps us working for peace!

100 years ago, Congress passed the 19th amendment giving white women the right to vote, and it was sent to states to ratify, which happened in August of 1920. This amendment was a step toward equality and 100 years ago it was a huge step. However, black women, native women and immigrant women had to wait longer to be granted a franchise to participate in democracy in this basic way. Even as we gather in 2019, women of all colors do not enjoy the same opportunities, the same pay or the same social standards as men.

We celebrate the efforts of women like Jeannette Rankin and others 100 years ago to start the march toward equality. However, we know that we are not done yet. So this was a perfect theme for us to celebrate our peace community and look forward to the work we are about.

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