Ready for a ride in a time traveling DeLorean with the destination being downtown Missoula circa 1972? This is a trip!

This is a half an hour of footage from the old Eddie's Club, which is where Charlie B's is now. You can see that the bar looks pretty similar to the way it does now, complete with framed photos of legendary patrons covering the walls.

Throughout the vintage video, you can hear patrons having a good time, talking about just how drunk they are and offering to buy each other drinks. The cameraman basically turned the recorder on and let it run while he enjoyed a night out, you even see him doing his business in the urinal trough.

Later in the video, it's closing time, and paperboys walk through the bar to sell newspapers. The Eddie's Club staff close up shop and head to the Oxford. Really fun to see some candid Missoula history!

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