Remember the first time you experienced Marilyn Manson? The Fine Bros. decided to expose some of today's teens to the Antichrist Superstar’s music and record their reactions.

The react video starts off with the teaser for Manson’s 10th studio album, Say10, which is expected to be released this year. “Is this supposed to be a vampire reading the Bible?” one teen said, while another simply stuck to, “This is absolutely terrible.”

The teens took a deep dive into Manson’s work in the ‘90s, including classic cuts like “Sweet Dreams” and “The Dope Show.” Despite mixed reviews (at best) early on, some of the youths warmed up to Manson during “The Beautiful People,” only to be eternally baffled by Manson’s lady parts in “The Dope Show” video. One girl, understandably, didn’t even seem sure if Marilyn Manson was male or female.

Another teen girl offered some wise observations during her listening session. “With music nowadays, it’s empty and it’s lifeless,” she said. “Even though it’s something I wouldn’t listen to in my own time, it’s interesting how his artistry is important to him … Controversy is his thing, I guess. There’s definitely people who don’t like him and aren’t afraid of him, but I don’t think he would care. I think he would probably appreciate that.”

So were any of the reactions from today’s teens similar to your initial impression of Manson? Find out in the clip above!

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