Okay so back when I was living in Los Angeles I had the bright idea that I wanted to be a reality TV star. Because lets be honest, those suckers become low key famous!

So while I was pursuing the 'American dream' of becoming the next Real World superstar, I came across a casting director named Jaimie Beebe. Jaimie reached out to me after I applied to be on some rando wilderness survival show that was posted on the MTV website. She was super sweet when she interviewed me but unfortunately I didn't make the cut. Womp womp...

Jamie recently sent me an email with a whole bunch of reality TV show opportunities, so I thought I'd share them with you! Submit your info. at your own risk!



Are you a fun-loving SINGLE ready for the vacation of a lifetime? 

Are you bored with dating apps and the scene in your hometown and ready to expand your horizons? 

Does an amazing beach house filled with other dynamic singles looking for love, flirtation, and romance sound like your dream vacation? 

If you’re least 21 years old and appear to be younger than 26, a major cable network may want YOU for a fun and sexy new show filled with spontaneous adventures, hilarious party games, fabulous prizes… and the chance to find lasting love in a tropical paradise.


Are you or your teen planning to throw an unforgettable "PRE-PROM PARTY" before heading off to prom?

Well here's your chance to make your evening a night to remember!!

LightBox Media Casting and a Leading African American Cable Network are searching for the ultimate, most creative, heartfelt PROM-PARTY out there!  We want to capture every moment, from prom-posals, to the stretch limo ride to one of the Biggest Moments Of A Hight School Student's Life!

**You must be at least 15 years old and have your parent/guardian permission to submit.


CALLING ALL MOMS: If you and your girl squad have banded together for your first years of Motherhood, a major cable network is looking for you.

Did you and your friends all happen to get pregnant around the same time? Do you and at least 3-5 of your closest besties use humor and frivolity to cope with the stresses of parenthood? Do you appear between the ages of 17-24?

Nationwide casting is currently underway to find a select group of women who have children roughly the same age. If you have stories of navigating the difficult terrain of adulthood, friendship, and growing up - all while facing the responsibility of being a mother, then we want to hear from you!

To apply please email jaimie@metalflowersmedia.com with:

1. Name, Age, Occupation for everyone of your group that would want to be part of the show.

2. Childrens names & ages

3. A description of your group

4. Individual & group photos



CASTING COUPLES Nationwide for new Cooking Show with Gordon Ramsay!

Are you a mom who can't cook?  Do you have at least one child over 8 years old and want cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay?

Do you and your partner/spouse get delivery most nights for dinner?  Want Gordon to help you with your eating habits?

Would you like Gordon Ramsay to help you spice up your marriage?

Would you like Gordon Ramsay to help you redo your wedding proposal?

Are you or your spouse in the "doghouse"? Forgot a birthday, anniversary, or have done something to put a strain on the relationship?  Do you love your spouse and want Gordon's help to get out of the "doghouse"?


CASTING The next Season of BIG BROTHER!

Chance to win $500,000!

Are you intriguing, competitive and outgoing?  Do you have what it takes to live in a house with multiple cameras that record your every move while you compete against other dynamic, competitive people to win $500,000?

Thank you!

Jaimie Beebe

Casting Director

IG: @feathergirl77

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